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Cicadas (17 year locusts) May 2004 in Hydes, Maryland, USA

You can hear them in the trees as a persistant backgound hummmming. Sort of like the background microwave radiation left over from the big bang that we receive as static on an untuned televisioon set.

Front view of Cicada - note red eyes!

The red eyed Cicada emerges en masse every 17 years in the Baltimore, Maryland/Washington DC, USA area.
So 2004 is the "year of the
[17 year] locust!"

Side  view of Cicada

  Magicicada septendecim  from the side on a Juniper twig

Discarded Pupal Casings

Shed Pupal Casings

Cicada sitting on a finger tip for scale

This gives you an idea of the size.
They are harmless and neither bite nor sting.

Cicada husks en masse

A cluster of the discarded pupal cases at the base of a large Silver Maple tree in Glen Arm, Maryland.
This picture gives you some idea of how numerous these insects can be.
Photo courtesy of Bob Marciszewski.
At Bob's house the Cicada music makes it difficult to engage in conversation when outside.

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