Titles on Silkenswift Sighthounds to Early 1997

code for Status column
P=purchased; B = breeder; S=sold ; Bl = Silkenswift Bloodlines
code for titles
ASFA: FCh = Field Champion, LCM = Lure Courser of Merit
AKC: FC = Field Champion, Ch = conformation Champion, DC + bench and field CD= Companion dog, CDX = Companion Dog Excellent JC = Junior Courser certification, SC = Senior Courser certification
NOTRA: ORC = Oval racing Champion, SORC Supreme Oval Racing Champion SOR = Senior Oval Racer, JOR = Junior Oval racer certification
NOFCA: CC = Courser of Merit

Titles on Silkenswift Sighthounds (Mostly Borzoi)

40 ASFA ASFALCM level AKC AKCTitl NOTRA LGRA NOFCA Conformat CanTitles Obedience status
Akvilon Almaz of Shady Luck FCh SC P
BD's Red Sonya (Greyhound) FCh B
Galaxy Linda (Greyhound) FCh P
Gandolf in the Mist FCh SC BS
Howff Silkenswift Abargi FCh LCM 2 BS
Kristull Llively Go Grendle CH P
Kostenov Tassandra Tobore FCh P
Midknight Silkenswift Mmegan FCh Bl
Mufasa Midnite O'Silkenswift FCh JC CGC PBl
My Silkenswift Foxfire FCh P
Rokaro's Silkenswift Arpha CH P
Runyan's Silkenswift Banshee FCh LCM 1 SC BLP
Seabury Ember at Silkenswift FCh SC ORC Bl
Seabury Sabrina of Silkenswift FCh SC FC DC B
Seabury Smoke at Silkenswift FCh Bl
Seaspells Silkenswifts Hawk FCh LCM 4 BS
Sheila's Silkenswift Orfeo FCh B
Silkenswift Akvilon Barsk FCh LCM 1 SC Bl
Silkenswift All Flags Flying JC B
Silkenswift Anubis FCh FCh SC B
Silkenswift Asherah of Annwn JC B
Silkenswift Atila O'Darkness FCh SC JOR B
Silkenswift Aurora Borealis FCh SC BS
Silkenswift Black Opal FCh B
Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos FCh LCM 4 SC FC SORC SGRC CGC B
Silkenswift Blaze's Blu Aero JC GRC B
Silkenswift Captain Chaos FCh LCM 1 MC FC SORC B
Silkenswift Carbonel Onyx JC B
Silkenswift Cinnabar FCh B
Silkenswift Citizen Kane FCh B
Silkenswift Cotopaxi FCh SC CH B
Silkenswift Coral Sea FCh SC B
Silkenswift Crystal Echo FCh LCM 1 SC B
Silkenswift Czar Ochtai FCh BS
Silkenswift Dark Angel FCh SC B
Silkenswift Dark Shadow FCh LCM 1 SC SORC B
Silkenswift Dianna Darkstar FCh LCM 2 B
Silkenswift Ebony Rose FCh LCM 4 FC ORC CD BS
Silkenswift Ekaterina FCh BS
Silkenswift Electra Carbonel FCh SC BS
Silkenswift Eli Pickle Hill CC? BS
Silkenswift Empress Alicia FCh CD B
Silkenswift Esme O Shadows FCh SC JOR B
Silkenswift Excalibur Kilkan FCh CD BS
Silkenswift Electra Carbonel FCh LCM SC B
Silkenswift Flash of Chaos FCh MC ORC B
Silkenswift Flurry of Chaos FCh SC B
Silkenswift Flurry's Snow JC B
Silkenswift Flurry's G'Kar SC FC B
Silkenswift Flying Tiger FCh LCM 1 SC JOR B
Silkenswift Glowing Cindar FCh B
Silkenswift Harald Bludax FCh BS
Silkenswift Hilary Halfboot FCh LCM 2 B
Silkenswift Howff Ishtar FCh LCM 3 SC ORC B
Silkenswift Imzadi FCh SC FC B
Silkenswift Indiana Jones CH B
Silkenswift Inanna of Jem FCh BS
Silkenswift Intent K'lar FCh LCM SC FC SORC GRC BS
Silkenswift Isis O'Shadows JC
Silkenswift Jalapeno Pepper FCh LCM 1 B
Silkenswift Jolly Huntsman JC BS
Silkenswift Amber Josette FCh CnFCh BS
Silkenswift Katmai Pickle Hill FCH LCM FC ptd B
Silkenswift Karemsky FCh LCM GRC CnFChXCnC BS
Silkenswift Krypton FCh SC B
Silkenswift Kybeli of Chaos JC
Silkenswift Sakura Zima CnCh B
Silkenswift Lance du Lac FCh SC JOR DC B
Silkenswift Lex Luthor FCh LCM 1 B
Silkenswift Mirthril FCh SC B
Silkenswift Miranda Tobore FCh P
Silkenswift Moscow's Fiona JC B
Silkenswift Mount Carlisle SC BS
Silkenswift Mistral Wynd FCh BS
Silkenswift Morgaine L'Fae FCh SC JOR B
Silkenswift Night Wind FCh B
Silkenswift Ochtai Khan FCh LCM 1 SC JOR CD B
Silkenswift Osiris O'Shadows SC CGC B
Silkenswift Pakhet at Teine FCh FC B
Silkenswift L'Orient Pavloff SC B
Silkenswift Pelee's Fire FCh SC FC ORC DC B
Silkenswift Piazza Schaaf FCh BS
Silkenswift Pye's Dark Design FCh LCM 6 B
Silkenswift Pye's Willow FCh CD BS
Silkenswift Pyper v Songmaker FCh BS
Silkenswift Razzmatazz FCh LCM 1 SC BS
Silkenswift Red Red Rose FCh CH B
Silkenswift Red Flame FCh B
Silkenswift Red Flower FCh SC SOR B
Silkenswift Red Gawaine FCh SC FC B
Silkenswift Red Magic CD BS
Silkenswift Red Metal CH B
Silkenswift Redwing Sizemore FCh B
Silkenswift Rhyolite FCh LCM 1 Bl
Silkenswift Roadwarrior FCh B
Silkenswift Rolling Thunder FCh LCM 1 B
Silkenswift Rosebud FCh SC CD BS
Silkenswift Sergei Serov FCh LCM 1 BS
Silkenswift Serpentine FCh B
Silkenswift Shadow of Chaos FCh FC B
Silkenswift Solitaire FCh SC B
Silkenswift Sparkle of Chaos SC B
Silkenswift Spice FCh BS
Silkenswift Spirit O'Darkness FCh SC B
Silkenswift Splendid Stripe FCh LCM 1 Bl
Silkenswift St Helens FCh SC FC ORC B
Silkenswift Star Gypsy FCh B
Silkenswift Steel Falcon FCh SC B
Silkenswift Stormbringer FCh TD BS
Silkenswift Sunflurry FCh CD B
Silkenswift Swing Out Sister FCh LCM 1 SC B
Silkenswift Tammuz FCh LCM 1 B
Silkenswift Tigger Too FCh SC B
Silkenswift Wynd Hunter CDX BS
Silkenswift Zolotoy Tanya FCH BS
Silknswift Spirit O'Darkness FCh SC B
Slknswft Elandris van Halen FCh LCM 2 SC ORC B
Soulsplitter of Jem FCh P
Treybeau's Fantasy (Greyhound) FCh LCM 1 BS
Windhound's Lightning Lola FCh P
Windle Perfect FCh B
------------------------------------- 5 8
totals 105 46
         num      dogs        num      ttls
      FCh           82
      LCM           25            45
      jc(only)             1
      sc's          30
      FC             5
      JOR            5
      SOR            1
      ORC            6
      CH+Perf           4
      Ch only           3
   Obediance              10
   Open field(NOFCA)                1
   tot. # titled dogs                  88
CH only
Kristull Llivley Go Grendel                              CH       P
Silkenswift Red Metal                                    CH       B
Rokaro's Silkenswift Arpha                               CH       P

total number of different titles = 201

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