Runyan's Silkenswift Banshee, LCM


Banshee is a gorgeous, outgoing Borzoi bitch breed by the well respected ASFA judge, Gary Runyan. She was from a litter that produced three ASFA Top 10 bitches in one year, 1991. In that year Runyan's Summerwind of Owrun, LCM was #4 ASFA hound, Runyan's Winterwind of Owrun, LCM II was #6 ASFA hound and Runyan's Silkenswift Banshee FCh was #10 ASFA hound.

Banshee was born Sept. 5, 1989, her sire is Runyan's Windspirit, LCM2 and her dam is Dar Morev's Shotsilk Runyan, FCh.

Banshee died in January of 2000 at 11 1/2 years of age. She had developed a went into heart failure because she stiff mitral valves due to calcium deposits in the valves. The cardiologist had warned us that dogs in chronic heart failure were in danger of bloating because dogs who are oxygen deprived will swallow air in an effort to catch their breath. Sadly this happed to Banshee. She is missed by all who knew her. Her happy personality lives on in her pups and grand pups but only Osiris is as consistant a grinner.

Circumstances were not kind to Gary and his hounds in the subsequent years and tragically, only Banshee has been able to produce a litter.

Even Banshee has been under this curse, she ended her coursing career in a spectacular manner by trying to run through a larger male coursing Borzoi at top speed. The resulting collision threw her into a triple somersault and she fractured her hock in such a manner as to end her coursing career. She had finished her LCM the day before.

The permanent lameness that resulted from the fracture has barred her from the breed ring as well as from competitive obedience. She lives as a well loved house pet with Linda & Ray Sprenkle and their teenagers Thomas and Ellie.

As you can see from her photo, Banshee has an classically exotic Borzoi head. She is a spotted Borzoi with brindled silver sable (agouti) spots.

Banshee has a very pushy and attention demanding personality towards humans and is the sort of Borzoi that would do well in obedience. She is dominant towards other dogs but is capable of living in a multi-dog situation, it is just that in such a situation she would be vying for the title 'Alpha Bitch'.

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