Midnite awarded TriAthlon Award DC Mufasa Midnite O Silkenswift LCM ORC SC winner BCOA Triathlon, at 2004 National Specialty

Breeder: Vanessa G Johnson of Baltimore, Maryland
Owner: Bonnie Dalzell
Midnite's Pedigree

Midnite died in January 2006 after surviving radiation treatment for bone cancer in a rib. Sadly the radiation destroyed his kidneys.

He was my good buddy and I miss his attentive companionship greatly.

Midnite with the Great Pumpkin Midnite in his toy nest

Midnite loved his toys and was very careful with them.

Midnite coursing
Midnite coursing
Midnite in profile

Midnite, front view

Midnite, rear view

Midnite, head study

Midnite, left profile
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