Server Side Includes:
The solution to keeping links updated on all of your pages

A common problem with a site with multiple pages is keeping menus updated on all the pages without reediting every time you change a page in the site.

One solution is to have the site set up using frames with a menu in one frame and the pages displayed by the menu in another frame. However the disadvantage of this is that some browsers do not deal well with menus and in addition the spider programs from the search engines do not always index pages whose links are displayed in a menu.

If you are fortunate enough to host your pages with a IHP that allows "server side includes", such as, you can set your pages up as shtml pages.

This page is a sample of server side includes in action (ssi). You can download it and look at it in your text editor

The header and doctype statements have to be in xhtml format as below:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">

and the file has to be saved as filename.shtml

the original of this file has the line:

<!--#include virtual="footer.txt" -->

Every thing dislayed below the horizontal line is brought onto the page by the server side inclusion in footer.txt which is at the next level up in the website

You indicate that the link is one level up by plaving two periods and a right slash in front of the link name:
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