Introduction to HTML - a simple web page example

This is a very simple web page. Save it to your local computer and look at it in your editor such as notepad or bbedit lite. It has a companion page called blank_page.html. Follow the link to that page and save it also.

This page contains deliminated paragraphs. A link to a picture and a link to another page. HTML tags are set off from contents by the less-than < and greater-than > symbols.

Most HTML tags have an opening and a closing tag.

So the tag for the beginning of a paragraph is <p > and the end of the paragraph is < /p >

Replace this text with your paragraph. Paragraphs are bounded with the opening and closing paragraph tags.

batw logo in clustered spheres Use form of a link to display a picture. Images do not have closing tags.

This is a link to a blank page that you can edit with a plain text editor such as bbedit for the Mac, notepad under Windows, nedit, vim, emacs under Linux. A link between pages at the same web site has the form:
< a href="insert_page_name_here.html > what a link to another page looks like Links have opening and closing link tags.